We’ll see if he consistently puts out good music after his stardom or he just becomes a fad. Song is for sure a banger, can’t even h8. He seems a bit arrogant in his approach to the game, though. The comments on the YouTube video are golden.

Netflix & Dusse – Smino

[Chorus] I got a pizza on the way, bae, bae I’m tryna lay, lay Lil’ lady, ayy, I brought a bouquet Of the treefer And I’m feelin’ like we should d-d-duck away Netflix and Dusse And if I do say so myself That ass a creature [Verse 1] Pink Caddy, Pepto Bismol-bile Ting named Kali …

Mojo So Dope – Kid Cudi

To think that Travis Scott looked up to Kid Cudi before he was famous, and now that he’s made it the influence of Cudi’s music is imprinted all over T. Scott’s projects. So rad.